Trooperbay EE-leven Blaster Kit

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The Trooperbay EE-leven blaster kit is based on a genuine first generation cast of a sterling sub machine gun, m38 scope and counter box. Barrel is hollow and all the vents not covered by the t-track are open for added realism. Under stock section is fixed in place and does not swing back although it appears as though it does. The detailing is so great on this prop replica that even up close its hard to tell that its not a real blaster. Made from strong and lightweight polyurethane. Assembly is required, but this kit goes together very easily using Zap-a-Gap and Zip Kicker. General modeling skills are needed. You can paint and weather to your liking.

  • Very realistic cast of Sterling machine gun.
  • Hard to find greeblies included.
  • lightweight and strong.
  • Trooperbay Scope decals included
  • Trooperbay accurate d-ring included

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