Authentic Mos Eisely Sand

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It was the Spring of 1982. In the Southern California desert region known as Buttercup Valley, cameras were rolling on a film called BLUE HARVEST: HORROR BEYOND IMAGINATION, or as we Star Wars fans know it - RETURN OF THE JEDI! The scenes being filmed were Jabba's Barge and the fateful Sarlac Pit.

Every year many people venture out to this area to see where this Star Wars magic was filmed. The dunes are incredible and a real treat for anyone dressed for the part like 501st and Rebel Legion members!

Recently, I had the pleasure of going to this desert filming site. While I was there I thought " I am going to bring some sand back with me for my collection! Then I thought, I bet if I brought some sand back with me, people would love to have a little for their collection too."

So here it is! A little part of Mos Eisely! This affordably priced 1 3/4 inch collectible glass container with black plastic cap is filled with REAL sand from the Imperial Sand Dunes of Buttercup Valley!! Authentic Mos Eisely Sand from makes a great addition to any Star Wars fan's collection. I have a small quantity on hand at this time, and when it's gone there will be no more offered.

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